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Technical ( sort of ) question.... Gaah, can anyone help ? :-)

Can anyone help me please ? I have just downloaded the Sportstracker app just so I can check what distance Ive run etc, can I have this on the same time as my podcast for C25K ? I am a complete doughnut regarding phones ,pc's etc and don't know my ar#se from my elbow when it comes to anything like this .Any help would be much appreciated, I thank you ! :-) x

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No problem. You can have lots of things going at the same time.

You will need to turn on the GPS on your phone (assuming you normally keep it turned off as you're not using it and that way you save the battery).

Then open the sportstracker app. It will take a little while to work out where you are from the signals from the satellites. If your phone is anything like mine then usually you will need to stand still to achieve this, while on other occasions it might work while you are walking. If you're not used to using apps like this at all, then I'd suggest that you go out for a little walk with it going and that will give you an idea of how quickly it gets a "fix" on the satellite positions and how fiddly it is to start and stop.

Once it says it has a GPS signal (I don't know exactly what your app will say because I use a different one), then you can press "start" (or something else similar - ditto the last comment in brackets) and it will track where you go.

I prefer to start my app after the warm up walk and stop it as I start the cool down walk, but I know others find this a bit fiddly on the move... so having a little trial run (or rather walk) might be a good idea.

Apologies if this sounds at all patronising, but your post implies that you'd appreciate help.


Thank you so much, I will give it a little trial go first, it didn't sound patronising at all,youve explained it really well , thanks once again ! :-) x


I am so glad you aked that puppy pug, I am also a tech thicko !! Another question, I have been told about, love the site, it lets you choose music to suit your speed or lack of in jogging, but once I have found the music how do I transfer it to my phone ? any ideas appreciated


Plug your phone into computer via USB lead then copy the files from jog fm and paste them where you want them on your phone. Hope that helps :)


Im really sorry, I don't know, do you plug the cable from your phone into your pc and download it from the website ? Sorry I am a complete doughnut at anything like this ..... xx Hopefully someone will be along who can help x


It is usually simpler to download an app directly to your phone, via the App store appropriate to your type of phone, ie. Android or Ios.

Your ar#se is normally at the top of your legs, while your elbow is the mid arm joint.

Good luck, and just ask if you need help.


Love it ! :-) Top reply ! thankyou Iannoda xx


You're welcome, any time.


I have sportstracker app running on my phone to measure my distance, pace etc. then I have an mp3 player in my pocket playing my podcasts.


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