Couch to 5K

9 Weeks? Maybe a little longer :-)

I have now finished the couch to 5K and would like to share some of my thoughts. Being the wrong side of 40 I decided that I needed to something as my work is mostly a desk job. I used to play a lot of sport when younger but lately nothing. So 9 weeks to run 5K here I come. Well done to all those who are also taking up the challenge. Ok back to my thoughts, cough. I found this course a little to much on occasions and sometimes I would go back a week and repeat. Also later on in the course running every other day was a bit hard so I changed it. After a run I would have 2 days off instead of 1. Listening to the pod cast was also very helpful. As I said earlier I have now completed the course and have run half a dozen 5K's now still having 2 days off between :-). You don't have to finish it in 9 weeks, just finish it!! Happy running :-)

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Well done on graduating and many congratulations, heaps of CHEERS. Don't forget to ask for your graduate badge. I must say, I do like your approach to things, especially the taking 2 days rest between runs and and doing repeats sometimes. As you say, the object of the exercise is to finish the programme - not necessarily in 9 weeks. Enjoy your success, you've earned it. Good luck with your post graduate running, whatever you decide to do as a follow up and my very best wishes to you.


Congratulations - I bet you feel absolutely great!


Adapting the training plan to suit your circumstances and progress is a very sensible thing to do and it worked. Congratulations on finishing.

keep running, keep smiling.


I struggled at times but I didn't repeat any runs or weeks and graduated in the nine weeks - though definitely wasn't running 5k and I still can't. I'm the wrong side of 60!


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