Couch to 5K

'Get some exercise'!

Beautiful weather today and set iPod for 5k rather than 30 minutes which worked better though I did think the first 5 minutes was quite long until I was told '1kilometre' and remembered I was measuring distance not time today!

Nice, flat route and did it in 33mins, 48 so fastest 5k so far...

Music chimed with the activity by coincidence at points...

Park life by Blur 'cut down on your pork pies mate, get some exercise' (good advice even if not beautifully expressed)

Dog days are over by Florence and the Machine 'Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father, run for your children, for your sisters and brothers' (motivational!)

And when I was flagging Diane Young by Vampire Weekend. If you want to run fast, this is for you... Though you might not sustain the beat for very long!

Did have some aches but seemed to run through them and so glad I was out today. Hope others are enjoying their runs!


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