Couch to 5K

finally... week 6 run 2 done!

Today was my third attempt at R2 of W6, the first ended after 5 minutes on the top of a steep cliff walk, so walked down, run a bit on the beach (which I loved... I wish I had one nearby!) but then walked back uphill all the way...

The second time I just felt too tired, and after 7 minutes I could not go on - better to walk than to end up with some sort of injury.. And finally today I did it! I will have to make my own playlist though, I can't stand the music on the podcast! Going to do the 3rd on Wednesday, but on a treadmill.

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Well done on getting this run out of the way - you deserve credit for persistence. You will be fine with R3 and I look forward to seeing your successful post on Wednesday. Good luck and very best wishes.


Thank you!


Well done for not giving up and what an achievement. I'll be with you on Wednesday as I do the same run. Good luck but just remember pace yourself you have done the build up work. XXX


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