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Week 4 completed :-)

Yes, I managed the 5 minute runs of week 4. Don't know if anyone else noticed a blip in the podcast? The last few runs are 3min, then 90sec walk then 5 min run....the 90 sec walk between the two runs on my podcast only gave a 60 second walk! I thought it was quick on the 1st 2 sessions, and made sure I checked it on the last session and sure enough, Laura said 90 seconds walk, and the podcast only gave 60 seconds. So, if any of you other week 4 runners are thinking that walk was quick, well it was as it's 30 seconds short of what it should be! Anyway, I managed all of week 4 on the treadmill, now onto week 5 and looking forward to my first session tonight....however, feeling scared about w5r3!!

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Thanks KittyKat007, I will see if I'm still alive after W5R3!! ;-) x


Well done on completing week 4. I am going to wish you good luck with week 5 but also advise not to look too far ahead to the 'dreaded' run 3 - it's not as bad as you might think. I was surprised that it wasn't to be dreaded and got round at a nice easy pace. Try to take each run as it comes and bear in mind you have put in the work and trained up to the next level each time. If you try to take a more philosophical view of R3 then you will have no problems with it. Just go slow and steady and you will get through fine. Best wishes.

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Thank you Fitmo for your encouragement- much appreciated :-) I have just completed R1 and found it hard going today - I shall be fine I'm sure!! I hope!!


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