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Sciatica!! grrrr!!

Hi everyone! I have had to have a break from running for a couple of weeks as I have been diagnosed with sciatica in my knee! It has been horrible and now it has eased off a bit I want to start running again....but I am slightly nervous about it flaring up again.

Should I wear a knee support? Stretch more before and after running? Any advice would be fab!

Ta :-) xxx

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I suffer from sciatica but never just in the knee, mine starts in the lower back and travels down my right leg and across my buttock and lower back. When its full blown it goes into my knee and even my foot goes dead!!!!!!! I'm not convinced that a support strapping would help as the sciatic nerve runs from the hip right the way down the leg also across the lower back. You would need to get to the route of the nerve problem. Has the doctor prescribed tablets, if so, take them, be patient but keep as mobile as possible. Hope it settles down very soon for you.


Gosh I never heard of sciatica of the knee! It sounds awful. I do hope you can get the pain under control pdq

Hopefully you will be back running pretty soon.


Thanks for the reply. The sciatica was in my knee but when the dr checked me she said it started in my bum cheek and went down to my knee. She told me to take pain killers and use ice packs on my knee and bum. Its just this happened 2 weeks ago and im getting fed up with not running but im worried the sciatica will flare up again. Im thinking more stretching may help?? :-$


I have suffered with sciatica over the years. Usually sciatica attacks last from some days to some months. Occasionally an attack can last much longer (off and on). Sciatica pains appear to be in the leg but are actually caused by a trapped nerve in the pelvis. The only thing I have found to ease/stop sciatica is Pilates exercises to strengthen the core and introduce more movement into the pelvis. Good luck.


Thanks for the advice Chris. Ive not had sciatica before and its really painful. I will have a go at the pilates as theres a nice class near me. I am having a go at a slow, short run tomorrow. Just to get me back into the swing of things. :-)


My last session of sciatica crippled me for over 6 weeks but it was in my back and down my right leg. I ended up coming home from holiday in a wheelchair!! Not at all funny. I had very strong tablets and it took me 3 months before I could try running again. I'm probably a good many years older but it left me using a walking stick for 3 weeks too. So you really have my sympathy, take care, take the tablets regularly don't wait for the pain to get hold, you must try and keep it under control by taking the tablets, that way you won't tense up and make it worse. If its not getting better in another week or two go back to your doctor. I was given Diclofenac which is an

anti-inflammatory as well as strong pain killers, the combination worked but it did take time. Wishing you free from pain very soon.


Totally agree with you old girl. Sciatica is usually caused by a nerve normally in the lower back being irritated by something. The cause needs to be treated not the pain. Pilates is often recommended so is a chiropractor or osteopath. I must admit I've been to them all, lots and lots of them as well as acupuncturists. Some were good - most didn't help at all. Anti- inflammatory tablets should help but again won't cure the problem. It seems strange that the sciatica is only in the knee as you would normally feel pain in the lower back, thigh or buttocks. The cause may not be too bad and could well respond to rest, strength exercises and manipulation. If it doesn't resolve itself i would book a visit to a physiotherapist, My experience is that the NHS physiotherapists are normally better than a private sports physio.

I lived with sciatica for 40 years before i had major back surgery to alleviate the problem. In that time the sciatica would affect my back, buttocks, thighs, calfs and feet to the point that i could not even walk but i never experienced any knee pain.


Snap baronblaze you have my sympathy its one of the worst pains I have ever had to endure, it crippled me and reduced me to a blubbering wreck for weeks on end. I'm happy you have been able to get yours sorted.


I would suggest you check out Bowen Therapy it worked for both me and my son for different conditions. The Australians have used this for many years for their athletes when injured. See link for information

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