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Up North?

We are off up North to Peterborough this weekend to see my dad. Just wondered if anyone was doing the Peterborough Park Run as Leon and I woud love to meet a fellow C25k soul....He is aiming to beat his PB..and so am I as it looks like a nice flattish route...

Hope you are all enjoying running this week in this lovely weather ?...Since my 22k run Sunday I have just done a 5k yesturday early, which was fabulous apart from the enormous dead badger looking so sad in the path which I had to jump his soul :(

Happy panthering everyone



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I'm afraid I have nothing productive to say, and live nowhere near Peterborough- but up North?!? Where on Earth must you live for Peterborough to be considered up North?!? Hahaha!


Well, we are in Bristol and its 3 and a half hours' drive, so to me that's definitely North!!!!


Where I come from Peterborough is most definitely in the South. :-) Have a good weekend.


Up NORTH? Peterborough? Really?! LOL. From my perspective it's definitely Darn Sarf!

Enjoy your family weekend and I hope you manage to find company for Leon!

Have a great weekend - don't forget to have your passport stamped. Don't want any illegals up here!


Darn Sarf from up here as well, but I guess it's all relative.. Especially from Bristol! Haha. Enjoy your run JJ :)


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