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Week 3 Run 2 :)

Went out for my 2nd run of Week 3 this evening- can't believe I'm nearly a third of the way through already!! Run went well, I'm certainly finding running for 3 minutes easier than I thought I would! The run itself went pretty well and I felt fine all through it, so much so that for the last 3 minute run, I had a lot of pace left in my legs and I think I ran the fastest that I had in the entire programme- bit of an error really as I got a bit carried away with the excitement of reaching the last run and took off across the park!! Managed to slow myself down though- didn't want an injury! But it was pleasing to know that I could actually speed up on the last run for the first time!

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Well done Debs. I completed my 2nd run of week 3 this morning and found it easier than the first run of the week. I was a little apprehensive after struggling on the 1st run and a heavy days gardening on the rest day yesterday, but it was fine(Apart from a dog coming after me!!!!!!) I have also found that recovering in between runs is getting easier.

One more run and we are a third of the way through the programme - WOW


I am at the same stage as you debs. W3R2 completed this morning with the dog in tow. I think that may his first and last run with me as I nearly went over him a few times. On the plus side running to avoid him seemed to make it go quicker!

I am a coming to get you run 3!!!!

Good luck with the runs


Wk3 run 2 done early Sunday morning to avoid the rain. Legs got better as the run went, they were a little heavy to start with. Speeded up the last run a little too. Nice thought as others have said that a third of the course will be finished on Tuesday evning


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