With reference to Suzybenj post. How about we have an inspirational post for all members who have gone from couch to race

I know races are not for everyone and I totally understand that. I sometimes am in awe of what members go on to achieve after finishing the program so I thought it might be nice to share.

It doesn't matter when it was or what your time was. I think it boosts so many new runners to hear what is possible. Also those who have signed up for one in the near future.

Please share.

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  • Ta RFC

    Way to go Suzy!

    I signed up for my first ever race at 56 years of age. I started Couch25k last October, got injured twice, but got back into it once recovered. So go steady peeps!

    I have signed up for a 16 kilometre road race (10 miles!) Unthinkable last October as I've never so much as run for a bus

    I started training last Monday using a programme downloaded from a suggestion by a fellow C25ker. Inspirational people on here so thanks to the lot of you!

  • When I had done w1r2 I signed up for a 5k on the 27th April. Yesterday I completed w7r3, and it now looks like the 5k will actually be my graduation run. Considering my fitness level when I started, I feel very proud.

  • I've entered race for life on 27th July , , I graduated in November last year but not long after injured my ankle & was not able to run for 9 wks . I have restarted the programme & I am now on wk 6 r 3 tomorrow . Everything going well & looking forward to the race .

  • Good idea, this thread. I've signed up to do R4L in June. I'm amazed at the progress I've made on this programme and it's really improved my self-esteem as well as my health.

  • Great idea RFC...I am a great believer in goals, and I set myself a scary one ...26th April 2013 graduation from C25k then 20th October Half Marathon at the Eden Project...amazing but hard. So this year I have signed up for the full marathon at the Eden Project, I am in training now, and I am just as scared as when I had nightmares all week before W5 run 3!!!!!

  • Hmm -- I'm not sure that I like the use of the word "Race" -- because as far as I can see these Races are also "Fun runs" -- in that there are the serious racers in them and also people like me :). I have signed up for the Sydney City to Surf race -- 14 klms in August. Now this is a BIG and FAMOUS "race" -- around 85 thousand starters -- with the front 12 individuals running by "invitation only" -- the next bunch are ones who have already completed the race in less than a certain time -- and then there is the big Yellow group waaaay down the back :) google.com.au/search?q=sydn...

    I haven't completely finished with my 5K days - as I will be doing Parkrun every week and I still have not run the complete 5Ks non-stop but I now have my eyes on the road further ahead and would like to hear more form C25K graduates as to what they are doing (and how they are doing it)

  • I have only done one race. It was the Anniversary run at the Olympic Park. I have always loved the Olympics and had a ball during 2012 so it was incredibly exciting to run into the stadium. Going through the tunnel under the stands they were playing a combination of crowd noise and Chariots of Fire which was very stirring. On the track I had decided to take my time and enjoy the moment - until I ran over the 200m start line I had seen Usain Bolt run from and immediately felt had to just run flat out to the starting line - a lot slower than he did.

  • Graduated last July and ran a couple 18 milers solo but suspect the crowd effect might be the push I need so currently in the ballot for one marathon early next year and have one possible for later this year. I may add to that ;)

  • This is awesome. I startedC25K back in Octover having never really run before. Now aiming to do a 10k in June and seriously considering doing a half marathon @ Eden in October!

  • There are several reasons why I started C25K, losing weight/getting fit being the main ones, but my aim for this year is to do the "Mens Health Survival of the Fittest". This is a 10K obstacle "race" with the frontrunners doing it seriously but the majority just having a good time! So that's pencilled in for November.

    I'm also considering putting in for the London Marathon ballot on 22nd April!

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