Couch to 5K

Week 3 Run 1

Morning all. I completely misread the instructions today. I thought I was set for 2 sets of 90 walking running followed by 1 of 3 minutes running then a 3 min warm down. Imagine my surprise when after my first 90 seconds recovery Laura told me I had 3 minutes running to do and then after that advised that I was only half way through!!!

My wife is fond of telling me that I should read instructions!!

Anyhoo. Job done.

You wont catch me lime that on Wednesday Laura!!

I did love the comment from Laura about running behind a tall hedge. Surely people would know I am running due to my blistering pace? ;-)

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Well done on your first run of week 3. There is a wallchart to download, it's on the pinned posts to the R/H side of this page. I find it quite useful to refer to it to see what's coming up. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks fitmo. I will have a look. There is a part of me that does not want to know whats too far in front though:-)


And I thought about the red cheeks and sweaty face.


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