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Graduation part 2

This is going to be a long post but I am grinning from ear to ear.

Prior to graduating 2 weeks ago I had signed up for a 5k. Having previously done charity ones with a mix of people running & walking, some with pushchairs, some with dogs, this was my first one with runners. It was the Pentland Rd 5 & 10 k organised by the running club and billed as the Fastest & Flattest course in the Western Isles.

I was very nervous as we gathered at the golf club prior to the event, but was relieved to see some familiar faces of people who I knew like me were fairly novice runners. (As well of course as the very dedicated super fit folk).

My aim was to run the whole 5k and possibly beat my previous PB (I’m even getting the ‘speak’ now!) of 40 minutes.

The weather was foul. Wet, windy & cold. We were taken by bus to about ½ k from the start it was a single track rd. so this was the only place the bus could turn to go back. The 10kers were in minibuses and carried on to their start. We were told to leave the bus at 18.05 to walk/jog to the start. It was horrible in the weather. Anyway at 18.15 we were off.

OK so it was the flattest but the first few 100 metres were uphill and I knew if I was going to achieve my goal I needed to go slowly.

I was at the back the whole time but kept the next but last 2 in my sight the whole time. Fortunately the wind was behind us until we came to the main rd. and had to turn right but it was only a short distance until we turned into the shelter of the Castle grounds.

A couple of times I felt like walking but was determined not to. Nearing the end I was overtaken by 4 of the 10kers. That’s fine I thought. I am old enough to be granny to 3 of them and the other was the retired athletics teacher.

I was very glad that someone had warned me that you see the finish line but have another small loop to do before getting to it.

So that was it. Finished last in the 5k but took 5 minutes off my PB & didn’t walk any of it.

On the way home I was driving past the ‘Caution Runners’ signs and thought amazingly I was one of them!

So remember those of you starting out, have faith in Laura and anything is possible!

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Congratulations - sounds like a run to be proud of!


You are tougher than me -- I (as an Aussie) don't do "The weather was foul. Wet, windy & cold." running!!! :)


Aye. Been in Auss & couldn't imagine running in heat!!


well done! sounds like a hard run in that weather but so impressed to hear you achieved your goal and a new PB too! you should feel very pleased! :)


Lovely post and very well done shaving so much off your time! VERY WELL DONE YOU!!


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