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Anybody "chased" a Parkrun pacer??

I decided to chase the 35 minute pacer today. Unfortunately, while it has been quite Autumnish this week, we got some northerly winds in the last couple of days bringing back a touch of summer back from the North. So it was around 23C at 7AM . I did my best and stayed on the pacer's tail - until we had to go over THE bridge at the 4klm mark. I was a bit stonkered by this time - and fell back from her by a couple of hundred metres -- yet surprisingly finished the last 100 metres very strongly ( a sprint- I always seem to be able to do that - must be holding something back!)

So a PB for me of not quite under 35 minutes -- 35:31. But it was only 3-4 weeks ago that I was running 40 minutes for the 5K.

Anyway -- enough of 5k for me now (except that I will still go to Parkrun every weekend and still use the distance as a training tool) - it's onwards toward 18Klm for me now. And although I have lost some weight - I still haven't gotten any younger ! Very disappointing!!

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Bazza, sounds like you are doing really well! Good luck with the more ambitious distances. Are you still using run/ walk for your 5k?


Well -- yes and no! Because the C25K programme has basically guided us through to running non-stop for 30 minutes - I have completed that side of things. Hence my run today was 30 minutes non-stop. However, it was at quite a pace for me compared to when I run on my own. So 30 minutes was enough and I finished the last 5 minutes in a "run to one tree and walk to the next" thing.

However , I don't really enjoy running non-stop and I don't think I would be able to for the longer distances that I am anticipating so I will definitely be run/walk from now on -- except for the Parkrun days when I

"may" attempt to get to the stage where I can indeed run the full 5 Ks -- I got to about 4.6 ks today before I had to stop.


Good stuff Bazza. I've not done a 5k park run yet. It's on my to-do list


Well done Bazza. I suspect you will reach that illusive 5k in 30mins quite soon. A couple of early walk breaks would have knocked a minute or so of today's time.


Hmm -- it is a huge jump to 30 minutes from 35 minutes :) I don't really need to do it -- I have enough bragging rights already amongst my peers merely being able to run 5klm at any pace :)

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Shame about not getting any younger Bazza- I was hoping for a bit of a tip with that! Great PB too, well done.x


I find the report on not age regressing to be disappointing. Well, fit and trimmer will have to suffice!


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