Couch to 5K

Week 3 run 1

I repeated week one, until it was so boring and almost easy.

I think i should have stuck with week 2 longer. I had a lot of scedule disruption for week 2, i ran it 4 times in 2 weeks. I think the extra rest days means I didn't really build up my stamina, I was just so well rested I could just about manage. My many repeats of week one showed improvement each time, week 2 began well, but didn't really feel improved over the course of those 4 runs. I ran some completely, others just barely, but I went ahead with an attitude of 'good enough'. Well, it wasn't. Today my week3 run 1 was frustrating. I could still only just manage 90 seconds, 3 minutes was right out.

I think i will go back to week 2 and repeat until i feel i have completed it, not just done it. It needs to feel easy before i move on. Your mileage may vary.

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It may not be the extra rest days that caused the bad run on W3R1. I frequently take two rest days together - mainly after finishing one week and before starting the next. You like to feel really comfortable with a week before moving on and it sounds as though you weren't entirely sure about moving on when you started week 3. Repeating weeks, clearly, is what works for you so repeat a week until you feel happy and ready to move up. Good luck with repeating week 2 and my best wishes to you.


Yes, yes i do like to feel at ease and quite confident before moving on. I thought this was one of those situations where i was overthinking and trying to be too particular in my judgement of my effort. Nope. Its a physical thing i need to master, not a goal i can just get in the range of.


I suggest that omce you have completed the 3 x runs consecutively, only then do you move on to the next week in the plan. At least you are out there exercising. I think health wise that's what is most important.

Best wishes xxx


Thanks. It is the most important thing!

I think you see what i meant by being so well rested between. 4x in 14 days is not the same thing as 3x in 6 days, strength and stamina wise.


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