Couch to 5K

Missing a week doesn't have to be the end

So just in case there is anyone reading this who has had to have some time off...

I completed week three and then the next day left for Poland for a 3 night stag do...

Obviously it was just not possible to run and when I got back I was so tired / hungover that I didn't for a further week.

Yesterday I was think I would have to go back to week 1 but instead I thought I'd give another week three run a try.

Managed to compete it and although it was hard it just goes to show how well the pod works in getting you fitter. I almost didn't finish the week 1 run 1 and now that seems ridiculous.

I'm going to do another week 3 before going on to week 4...

Oh and the stag do was mine... I will complete c25k and get married the following week.

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Well, congratulations on all fronts!


Congratulations! I went on a trip and discovered having to pack a set of running gear/shoes moved my plan from carry on to must be checked. But i was gone longer and really wanted to try not to miss a week of runs.


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