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Can I run for 25 minutes? You bet I can! And what do you do with your thumbs?!

Week 6 run 3 now done and in the bag. I was pleased to back doing the continual running. As per usual with me, the 1st 5 minutes of the run is always the most difficult, but after that I seem to get in the swing of things and mentally the cheering crowds are lining the route, waving me on and the Olympic medal stand is in sight ..... Mmm, actually I never see a soul on my runs, but a girl can dream.

I noticed that I run with my thumbs up (like I'm making a thumbs up sign) . I've been trying to keep them tucked down instead - anything to pass the time!! lol

Really looking forward to starting week 7 now.

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Well done on reaching this milestone in the program. I like the idea of imagining crowds cheering me on, I might try that tonight as I do run 3 of week 9.

Oh, and by the way, I run with my thumbs up too :-)


Best of luck for your final run!! I look forward to seeing your graduation badge. Well done. :-)


Lol, positve thinking works again :-) Well done for getting so far in the program.


Well done on your third run of week 6. The worst week is now behind you. Good luck with week 7. Best wishes.


Haha that's brilliant- well done! I don't run with my thumbs up, but I have my hands relaxed and open, as if I were holding an egg. I think that's fairly normal, but when I'm starting to flag a bit, or struggle, I find myself opening and clenching my fists, and I've no idea why! It's not a conscious thing!

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Well done Rupertlebear - great you have got the 25mins under your belt. And easily too by the sound of things. I'm trying tomorrow - eeeek. Maybe I should try sticking my thumbs up.


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