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Best run yet, amazed!

I have felt like I was brewing a cold and deferred my w7r1 from the weekend but hit the treadmill this morning really dreading it and worried I wouldn't be able to do the 25 minutes non stop. Started off thinking I might just manage 3 minutes or so but at least I tried. Well, by the time I got to 10 minutes I was really in a good rhythm and it was absolutely fine and I even speeded up from 5mph to 5.5 for the last minute. Feel great and even went for a 50 minute brisk walk later in the morning. Contrast my energetic feelings with how lethargic I felt at the weekend with no exercise. Am I getting addicted to running??

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That's really great! Well done you!

My guess is that the cold you might have had has gone away, and that has given you the energy back. At the same time, you've had a bit of extra rest and that has resulted in extra energy today. Well done!


Yes, you could well be addicted to running - a good addiction to have. The extra rest probably had something to do with such a great run today. Good luck with the rest of week 7. Best wishes.


I am not ready to be complacent but I am looking forward to r2 on Thursday so brisk walk and a swim later for me tomorrow. Got to make the most of the Easter hols!


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