Couch to 5K

Week 2 run 1

After managing week 1 quite comfortably, I started out on week 2 with quite a bit of optimism, despite a 5 day lay off due to a cold.

My route today had a few inclines in it. I had decided that sooner or later I had to tackle hills so it may as well as be near the start of my C25K adventure.

Dont know whether it was the hills, the remnants of the cold, the occasional slippy under foot conditions or a general lack of fitness (possibly all 4 but weighing heavily on number 4) but I found it very difficult.

Good news was that I completed the run but the brisk walk sections went from brisk to drunken meander!!! I managed to scrape up a bit of energy for run 6 and actually found myself having fun and adding a bit of pace (well, I thought so, anyone watching probably thought I was standing still)

Anyway. Onwards and upwards. Day 2 - I am coming to get you!!!

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Well done for tackling those inclines! And, for completing W1. That's the hard bit done, now W2R2 beckons, you will be fine, don't worry about speed. x


Thank you. Now that I have my breath back and the aches and pains haven't quite kicked in, I am looking forward to R2.

I take a lot of encouragement from those who have gone before, knowing that it is possible. 5k is still a way away but it is getting closer.


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