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Take that!

The Voice in my Head was busy this morning, telling me I didn't need to go out, it was too wet, best stay in or do a bit of shopping instead...maybe get some nice new things for when the sun eventually appears and stays for longer than 24 hours. Well, that did sound appealing but when the rain went off and I was still standing between two piles of clothes - going out clothes or running clothes - I gagged the Voice in my Head, pulled on my running things and off I went...

Unfortunately the Voice came with me (and had somehow taken the gag off). I tried to ignore it but it's persistent: 'oh I think you need the loo, go back...I think you've got the loose leggings on, you'll need to go back...not sure this is the best way...only 10 minutes? Feels longer, maybe sit down - or just walk, that would count' but eventually it stopped and halfway into it I was in a groove and when Laura said slow down I ran on a bit, just a minute or two. I hadn't done the whole 5 minute warm up as I'd started playing it in the house so I walked for a couple of minutes, ran for about 32. Total 35 minutes, 5.04km. Eight minute walk back... 5.74 km in total.

Ha! Take that Voice in my Head! I did it and am only one run away from my goal... (Sorry, bit delirious, going to have a banana...) :)

PS If anyone has conquered that voice, let me know...does it ever go?

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Tadaruns 1, the voice 0 ! Well done you and in such a good time too. Nearly there now! x


I've still to master winning over my inner voice. Not sure it ever goes TBH. Well done you for letting your voice win. :-D


Well done Tada!!!! S*d that inner voice telling you to empty the ruddy dishwasher or clean up the cat's wotsit, get out there and run. Enjoy it! The chores and the mundane will still be there when you get back. Enjoy your time and banish the guilt trips

What voice???

I hope the banana cured your delirium!


I think the Voice will always try to sneak its way in - you just have to be one step ahead of it! Well done and best wishes.


I've taken to telling mine (using the OTHER voice in my head) that it's responsible for my bum, and I won't let it win! I feel a little bit mad, having these inner dialogues, but hey ho...

I also do swear by my little mantra of 'I am strong, I am powerful, I am a runner'... Even more mad, but it works for me!


I've tried a few things to shut off that voice but nothing really works, it's very persistent. And yes, sometime it's not just the one voice - there is another one that talks back and so far has won the arguments!

However, did my last run of week 9 yesterday and despite feeling a little 'tired' after a meal out and doing a 2k with my mini-mes in the morning, I had a wholehearted positive voice in my head the whole time - I think because I knew it was the final run!

I like the idea of a mantra - Will need to think up a suitable mantra to keep me going now that I've achieved my initial goal...


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