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First attempt at speed podcast

I graduated 2 months ago and have been concentrating on getting up to the mythical 5k, without worrying about speed. Last week I got there, taking 47 minutes.

Today I wanted a run, but was a bit short of time, I definately didn't want to spend an hour (by time you add warmup and cooldown) so I thought I'd give speed a go. It definately gave me a good workout ! I also confirmed (in case there was any doubt) that i have no sense of rhythm - running on the beat was very hard. I think I might include it as my workout once a week for a wee while and see how I get on. I just ran in a loop round my local park.

Anyway, worth a go IMO.

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It's a bit deceiving though as at first you think it's too slow but it catches you out and it's bloomin tough

Yes, trying to stay on the beat is hard, but once you hit it then it's better and your running comes fluid. It all goes out the window when you reach a hill but you do what you can don't you

Happy running


Oh I didn't find any of it too slow - even the slow down and recover bits felt quite fast to me.


I tried the speed podcast for the first time this week too. I really enjoyed it and plan to do it once a week. It's good to have some variety!


I graduated a year ago and still alternate the three podcasts for my three runs each week!


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