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My Passion

I have been a busy girl...new job, the 5/50 fandango, taming my house and cooking ( which I love!)...

So I was watching tele tonight ( in my role as a very boring housewife, mumsy etc) and all I could think about was...'bang bang bang bang as my feet hit the ground as I move along so free, the wind in my hair, grabbing twigs and branches as I go, zoning out on life, the deep intense emotional pain of life and hurt is all there but I am in control, run Julia run, you can do this, it will make it all go away....... My feet move to the rhythm ...air into the lungs, co-ordinated and out again with the fourth step...focus on the process...life simplified...back to being carnal...back to being a panther...so free....That freedom comes from intense pushing and determination and resilience. Running is hard. Running is a gift, its the hardest thing I have ever done...but by far the most rewarding and healing gift. I had no idea!!!

It brought me to my beautiful HM..the best and most amazing thing ever...thankyou HM for finding me, and rescuing me ....

This is a bit deep for me, but I wanted to share in my non- academic and simple JuicyJu way what running has given me. I actually feel a pull at my heart and soul to get out there very soon tomorrow early....I cannot wait...It will be so hard, but I will be alive, and free and so happy :)

You are all so amazing, and supportive...thankyou so much...

Happy panthering ( coming very soon to Wikepedia..)



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Wow. What an inspirational read. Thanks for this. Fantastic to have something that means so much and so deeply. Hope I get there too. Have a fab run at the crack of dawn tomorrow . :)


Thankyou so much...I am so glad it resonated with you..and you are alreay there :)


Great post juicyju it sums running up perfectly . Enjoy your run & hope you have not got any of that horrible smog .


Thankyou...and yes smog is here but lifting now!!!


A wonderful, inspiring and positive post. Long may you panther! Best wishes.


awww thanks Fitmo :)


Ju I thought you were gonna say you wore out a trench in your carpet!!!!!

Happy panthering girl! What's in store next? Another HM, a marathon?


Marathon in October, I am soooo excited and sooo scared, just want to get out there and clock up the miles and enjoy it all...


It really can strike chords within your soul and be almost spiritual at times. I am happy for you and I do so enjoy reading your posts.

Happy panthering xxx

Aka Phoebe Edna Beau on FB


Thankyou...I am so glad you feel it too...we are so lucky aren't we :)


Juju, your post reads like a piece of beautiful prose - all rhythmic and full of visual images! Nice one. Glad your new lover (running!) is good to you, and YOU to him/her/it. You deserve each other as you clearly make each other so happy! Long live Panther Ju. Amen.


Thankyou Mr tight lycra......Yes my new love makes me so complete :) So happy for you too on your amazing achievement....


It certainly sounds like you are loving it out there in the running zone, but really a boring housewife? I thought it was the bored housewives who had all of the fun?


Yes it would be .. I'd love that except I'm housewife, 2 kids, full time job BUT I'm a panther... And that's what keeps me going :)


Being a boy I usually dive right in to the technical detail of it all and I want to understand why some things work and some things hurt, how to improve and how to recover. But reading these increasingly entertaining stories of the Panther chase just tells me that there is something else there too

It always amazes me that running can bring with it so many simple rewards. I totally get what you mean about being free, focused and letting go of lifes woes.

And just like you I love all of the additional benefits you learn and the things you collect along the way - most of them completely out of the blue and totally unexpected.

Happy running


You're like a cat (big cat) that's got the cream, sssllllluuuurrrrrpppppp :) Happy panthering panther girl and all the best for your marathon training. I'm excited for you and looking forward to reading about your training and the big event. :)


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