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125 km per hour gusts face on but I did it!!!!!

Yeah yeah yeah - finished today and having done 3kms in 30 mins for the first two I smashed it (never thought I'd type that!) and in 37 mins did 5.69 kms....sooo proud of me and it was uphill for half the run and it there is a major gale here and I was running with a headwind!

Can I have my badge please???

Delilah Delilah I finished!!!!

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Wk 9 Run 3 that is....just in case that's needed for badgedom!


Well done beachy_2014.

For your badge look to your right (if using a PC) and you will see a pinned post about Graduation badges.


Well done and congratulations. Enjoy your graduation and badge - yes it's really there now! Good luck and best wishes.


Brill! Well done you; congrats on your well deserved graduation and great final run!


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