Couch to 5K

5 x 50 walking

I have a bit of a chesty cough, and that in combination with the air pollution warning suggested that a run wasn't the best idea, so I set off for a 6km walk, wearing my Garmin so I could get an idea of pace. I was astonished., Forgive me if you've all done this, but the difference between running and walking is vast! My usual running pace is between 5.50 and 6.30/ km, depending on terrain and mood etc. I thought I was walking briskly this morning, but my pace was between 10.20 and 11.00/km. Nearly half the speed. I just hadn't realised how much faster even slow running can be. Hoping to be running again by tomorrow... I just don't have time to walk!

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I know!!!! It's still very good exercise and training for running though so don't dismiss it. I walk all the time, having more or less given up using my car. I walk a dog regularly and we eat up the miles, up hill and down dale and it's good for stamina building and losing weight. Like running, it seems to be good for the brain. I always feel better after a walk or run. Time to think perhaps. Happy running ..... and walking


I have found its my stride that has a huge difference, when running it averages 0.74m when walking its only 0.52m, that's 50% less. So to cover my 5K walk I'm nearly an hour, running about 35 minutes, does depend on the ups though!! :)


Now that I'm more than halfway through the programme I have also noticed that my running pace is getting faster than my walking pace. Funny how it creeps up on you because I haven't made a conscious effort to increase speed. On non-running days I walk or cycle - both are good types of exercise. Also Pilates and keep fit. Weather forecast suggests that the pollution will start to clear tomorrow so hope to get a run in - but suggest you put it off if the pollution is affecting you because chesty coughs can get worse if you are not very careful. Good luck and best wishes.


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