mr fast

mr fast

10 k training run sorry i couldnt go slow anymore i had open up the throttle and that felt good , got another 5 k friday and thats it to race day .i seem to be running better legs [calf] still ache for first 2 mile s but after that its ok ,ive mixed my routes up now so it a mix of on and off road and doing half the distance still doing long runs on sundays we will have to see how it all pan s out but looking forward to catch the runner on sunday happy running all

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  • How do I read that screen Moger?

  • miles at top 46 is the time 702 calories and 7.26 is how long im doing a mile in if i would have gone 0.3 of a mile it would have been 10k and i would have a new pb hope this helps chrisl keep on running

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