Week 8 done!

I can't believe I am writing this! My next run will be the first run of week 9! So excited and can't wait to get going. Not too worried about next week, I trust laura! More worried now about keeping up my motivation after week 9 - just going to keep my head down for now and enjoy the next three runs. Thank you to everyone who posts here for helping me get this far.

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  • Congrats! Well done for getting this far, and enjoy the next few runs! You'll feel so good at the end of it - what an acheivement :)

    Have a look at the "life afer your 5k" post on the right - that might give you something to focus on immediately after - I've mostly enjoyed them!

  • Hi

    I did my first week 9 run yesterday and it went well. I hadn't enjoyed week 8 and while I thought, 'how am I going to manage 30 mins when 28 is not enjoyable' it was actually better... Went a different route and the time passed quicker.

    I'm also thinking about 'what next' as I think I stuck with this as there was a specific end in sight. If things get a bit 'vague' I might have less impetus to get out there. Although I have to admit I don't think I'd like to be seen to give up and I like feeling fitter so we will need to find what suits us best once we complete that final run!

    Good luck with rest of week 9!

  • Well done on completing week 8. Enjoy your graduation week. Best wishes.

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