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2 days later and the site has 10,040 members

On Saturday morning this site reached a membership of 10,000, now just 2 days later the total is 10,040. A warm welcome to all new comers, you have come to a very friendly well run site that will help you along your running journey. Good luck and ask your questions as there are plenty of people who will be able to assist you/and or make suggestions. Happy running everyone. :)

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Hiya Liz! Have signed up and have started 5 x 50 numebre 2 (2014). Hope I can beat the 300K I covered last year. Where is the Olg Gang?


Lovely to see you Delia, pleased you are still running, see you on our Garmin group so little Oldgirl is watching you, - - big brother is still on the couch!!!

Most of the old gang are on FB group but I still drop in here as often as I can as do many of them. Not running like I used to though, old age is creeping up fast I think!!! I miss our Malcy a lot, he was always here for us with his tales of running up mountains. We have our Dan the Superman though who brings tears of laughter to our eyes when telling us about his runs. Don't be a stranger Delia, hope you and your family are all well in sunny Italy xx


I'm back with a vengeance Liz!

Malcy is well, spoke to him recently, but 5 x 50 is not the same without him!

Hope your family is well too, Liz, hugs



Hi Delia, great to see you here. I've signed up for 5x50 again, but as you say, it's not the same as last time with the team totals, etc courtesy of Malcy's IT wizardry. I'm sill loving running, but still prone to running injuries. This time from a trip, not an overuse injury! Just keeping to short runs until my knee is better and cycling on non-running days. I have the third in the series of Winter Duathlons coming up in a couple of weeks, so hope my knee co-operates.


Hi there Sheila! You are a star! I plod along as ever... See you on 5 x 50 (useless without malcy's IT skills)

but still...


Great to hear from you Delia. There's quite a few of us on Facebook now but have started looking on here a bit more often.

Malcy seems to have joined the local trail runners with a vengeance!

Joined up for 5x50 too but haven't found any team total or anything looking like a league table. Not that I'm competiive but...


I've joined up too so I'll see you there bfn xox


That was quick - last time I looked (Saturday) we were on 9998. That is pretty amazing - go us!! :)


Wow! Its getting hard to keep up with everyone, so many posts! :)


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