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I didn't fancy a paddle today -or -Thank Goodness there was a footbridge!

I was out this morning to try and finish my Run for Mum Quest challenge which RFc has organised. I had planned a route which looked fairly level on the map as I'm useless at hills. To my horror the route began to go quite steeply downhill and to my double horror I came round a bend to be met by a ford - a water type one, not a car - which was very full and fast after the overnight rain and thunderstorms. For a few seconds I thought I was going to end up with very wet feet, but looking up a little spotted a footbridge. Phew!

So over the bridge and then walked and puffed up the hill at the other side and carried on when it got level. And, yes I completed the challenge.

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Lovely picture there Christian! Fast flowing water is scary! I got quite a lot of it recently and avoid it at all costs. Good job there was a bridge!


Well done on completing despite a blip on the route. I like the scenery, it's beautiful. Best wishes.


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