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Had the shock of my life this morning. I'm sure it's these running tights' fault too, cos they are just incredibly clingy. But here's the scenario.....

Got up and did my strengthening exercises for my hips and glutes first thing. I could hear Mrs Dan strutting her stuff to a Davina DVD downstairs in the lounge and decided to turn on my radio to drown out Davina's stupid crowing. I was using my latest bit of gym equipment - my super duper stretchy pilates band thingy and was wondering just how much pressure I could exert on it without the damned blighter pinging across the room like a bullet. It seemed to hold up really well, so I was probably worrying about nothing. Legs were feeling not too bad today, although yesterday (rest day) they hurt like bloody hell!!

Downstairs to make a juice and then out the door into the rain. Well....more spitting rain really. I started my warm up walk and sorted my phone out to start Endomondo off to record my time and distance etc and reached our mini High Street. In the distance I noticed some orange Hi Viz clad builders, sheltering from the spitting rain (obviously didn't want to ruin their hair) underneath the entrance to this new block of flats they've built. As I passed and got to about 3 metres of them behind me, I HEARD A F****NG WOLF WHISTLE!! I'm not kidding. A wolf whistle?!?!?!?!

Wild thoughts ran through my head -

"Oh gaawwwwwwd! Don't look around. Don't look around.....must be these bloody running tights......are they thinking disgusting thoughts about my bottom?......should I call the police?......."

I quickened my step feeling alarmingly awkward and reached the corner where I turned away from the salivating, salacious eyes of the "Hi Viz Three". Once I'd finished thinking about how horrible it must be for ladies to endure such embarrassing scenarios, I started to run my 3K. Todays distance was just a short one because I'd got up late and Mrs Dan needed me to drive her to an appointment at 12.30pm. So I was wondering how my legs would hold up today.

Surprisingly well I can report. In fact, I'm not sure if these three days worth of strengthening exercises have helped or not, but I could feel a distinct improvement in my running "form". I managed to bring my heels up and imagined my legs in a cycling motion, hoping I was landing mid foot as I struck the ground, before springing off for the next step. I felt bloomin' brilliant and this was absolutely NO effort whatsoever! Eventually after 17 minutes my 3K was in the bag and I walked home (avoiding the "Hi Viz Three" as I didn't want a repeat performance).

When I told Mrs Dan about the terrible shock I'd endured from the builders, she LAUGHED HER HEAD OFF!! She gets that sort of thing all the time you see, and brushes it off with a wiggle of her bum and a toss of her hair. (Well there was no way I was gonna do THAT! They might have chased me down the bloody street if I had....).

But the great thing was that being a graduate, I can run whatever distance I feel like, knowing that it's doing me good and making me feel alive! So for all you peeps out there thinking you HAVE to do 5,6,7,10K all the time - you don't. Just do what you feel. I know I do! Just watch out for builders when your running clobber clings to you like a bloomin' limpet!

Thanks for reading.......and HAPPY RUNNING TO YOU ALL.

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Aah! take it as a complement that you obviously look good in clingy gear!! i felt a bit self conscious this morning with a VPL through my running tights but most of the people out this morning were on the more mature side so it might have cheered them up(but not saying my bum looks that good in Lycra!) Sounds like 3k in 17 mins was a good time so it might have aided you! I'm nowhere near that cycling motion, will have to practice more! Happy running SuperDan , you do make me laugh, i always look forward to your posts! :)


Well done slinky Day-z - and interesting comments about the attention you drew- as you say for most of us it is uncomfortable. As you say whatever distance we run it is up to us - we are in charge. Well done for keeping at it.

Happy running:-)


HA HA HA HA HA!!! Poor you Dan! What a wag you are - of course Mrs D laughed her head off!! I did too! You'd best keep away from that building site methinks :) .

HAPPY RUNNING to you too, and thanks for the post! :) :)


Wear your Superman cape Dan you'll be safe then ;) On a serious note I agree 100% with you about the distance, after all 1,2,3K are all better than no run at all. I enjoy a shorter run as I feel more able to speed up a bit but that's an age thing :)


..they were probably jealous, next time take mrs dan's good advice...and I always smile and wave too :)


Firstly, apologies to all in Brighton, but don't sign up for the Brighton marathon, or if you do, you may well break the course record! As I said, apologies to all in Brighton ~ a lovely place.

Another excellent post. Thank you.


You hadn't inadvertently split a seam...? No? You checked? Good! They were just jealous, Dan, ignore them, because they couldn't do it.

3k in 17 mins is a great time, and as you say, every run doesn't have to be a long one. Erm... oops :D


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