Couch to 5K

Thinking about how amazing this programme is (hopefully encouraging for beginners)

I was just thinking about how amazing this programme is. I still haven't done my 5k (maybe later this week though...) and yesterday was feeling tired and a bit off colour, so I "just did a gentle 3k in 25 minutes". If this time last year someone would have told me that

a: I would be able to run 3k at all

b: I would be able to run for 25 minutes without stopping (well by run I mean slow jog obviously)

c: I would regard it as gentle

I would have thought they were off their heads !

happy running

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I know, it's amazing. We could have been running years ago and never knew it. Doh! I could kick myself I really could. Still, better to have started now than not at all

Happy running and congrats on graduating


I know what you mean. Somebody called me a runner the other day, I thought they must have been talking about somebody else!!!! Congratulations and hope you continue to enjoy (the joys of) running :)


For me it was the blend of Laura's teaching how to do it and this forum's support, telling me I could do it, which together have driven me this far - about to start Wk9 this week.


I concur with all of the above. It's a great program and anyone can do it.


Ditto me too also.


I agree completely! Never would have thought that i could get to the stage where I'd think "Oh, not just 5k, that doesn't seem like enough of a run" and carry on to do what has become my usual 8k. Can still not really believe it. And I haven't done anything apart from the programme, then carry on, slowly and steadily. Amazing how the distance builds up, & I don't feel exhausted when i get back. An great programme, and we are proof that it works!


Yep. It is fantastic. Even when I graduated I resigned myself that I wouldn't be able to run 5K but just recently I have & it feels fantastic & just a little bit unbelievable still.


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