W4 R1 I'm enjoying this! Can you be too enthusiastic?

Well if you'd told me 4 weeks ago I'd be able to run and smile at the same time I'd have laughed at you! I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this run this morning, because I know, with Laura's help, I can do it. It's such a lovely feeling when you find your stride. For me the music I'm running to is really important to set the pace. This weeks tunes helped me a lot.

By the end of Laura's podcast I feel I could run for another 10 + minutes. Should I knock that feeling on the head or go for it? Am I being too enthusiastic?



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  • OMG! Slow down, slow down, woah!!! Yes you can be too enthusiastic and end up getting injured. The programme is timed to perfection so you can't overdo things. You do what Laura says to the letter and she'll deliver you safely at the end of run 3 on week 9. Warm up and cool down walks are essential too so don't skimp on those. I got injured by going overboard and ended up out for four weeks with a crocked ankle

  • The ankle sounds a bit ouchy! Has it healed now? Hope so. I hear what you say. I just feel so well and so happy to be out running. I AM following the programme and finding it so helpful and constructive. I certainly don't want an injury.

  • well done its good when you start to feel better ,i done this program in 2 and a half weeks but is up to you if your feeling ok try starting week 5 and see how you get on thats the one with the 20 min run at the end make sure you dont over do it this is a great program i started this last september done a 10k in nov ,ran my first hm and have signed up for 3 more and plan a full next year good luck

  • I would advise caution - stick to the programme as is. It's not worth the risk of injury if you overdo it. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thanks fitmo. I'm just eager I guess. I know the podcasts are tried and tested and I'm loving the challenge so much .

  • Moger may have been in pretty good physical fettle when he started C25k and I gather to date he has suffered no injuries. Your physical condition and age can obviously affect whether you could complete the training plan in less time or indeed need more time to finish. I have followed these forums for about nine months and have seen numerous instances of people overdoing it, getting injured and then having to be laid up for weeks. I wanted to go faster than the scheme provided but came to the conclusion it was better to curb my arrogance and accept that those who created the plan knew more than I did about running. My (minor) injuries have all come about after trying to push further than recommended. Better to keep running and make steady progress than storm through the plan to be followed by frustrating weeks waiting for recovery.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • My left ankle seems dodgy in general but it's behaving at the moment

    I was being over-enthusiastic when I hurt myself so don't you do the same thing! Being out for weeks is no fun! You just feel desperate to be back out there

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