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hello from Australia

Over the past week, I have travelled almost 1000 klms south from Brisbane [inland] and have finished week 6 of the modified C25K that am doing-- having departed from the version that you all are doing after completion of week 5. This week I have to do 3x12 minute runs each day of the week's 3 days with 1 minute walk between. So far - so good.

i am not sure that I enjoy these longer running times and I am fairly sure that I will eventually settle into a 5/1 ratio or something like that for the longer runs that I will eventually get into.

My 30 travelling companions - all or retired age like me -all look at me with amazement, horror and disbelief as I take off each morning around sunup to run 5Ks on the quiet outback highways where we camp. I am feeling quite good about my running though and notice that I am able to easily walk distances that they refuse to even contemplate.

bast wishes to all

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wonderful...sounds totally amazing, and the runs sound perfect...clearly your fitness levels have vastly improved too....perhaps get your companions onto C25k??? enjoy the rest!!


Sounds great! Well done for sticking at it.


Sounds amazing :) and when they look at you with amazement I hope you're full of pride because it's a great thing you're doing, and it sounds like you're feeling the benefits :)


I love your post (not least because I love Australia and miss it) - but the thought of you taking off in your running shoes while all the retired folk look on in horror! It's made my day


Continue to enjoy what you are doing. It's inspiring. Best wishes.


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