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W4R1 - scared!

I'm planning on doing this tonight after work and, quite frankly, I'm petrified. I haven't run since last Thursday due to a dodgy stomach, (don't ask, not nice), and I really don't feel ready. *But* if I miss this week and do W3 runs again, I'm not going to finish the programme in time for the 5k run I've signed up for at the end of April. :-/

Any tips??

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Hiya, I did W4R1 last night, and was actually surprised to find it easier than W3! I'm sure it's mostly psychological. I think I've slowed down my running - a lot - and I suspect that's helped with endurance. But you are in for an amazing buzz once you get back home, I was grinning for hours I was so proud of myself for running for 16 minutes! Good luck with it :)


Give it a go - I found week 4 better than I expected and did the third run of it this morning. See how you go and decide then whether you need to repeat a W3 run. You may surprise yourself. Best wishes.


Well, I did it. And I kept running too, and didn't feel too knackered. Pretty chuffed with myself! :-) Bring on run2!!


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