Week 5 stitch

Hi folks, I've attempted week 5 run 1 twice and both times I've been severely slowed down by stitch, so I feel I can't attempt r2. The second time last night was particularly bad and I still have some pain this morning. Deep breathing helped but I was going so slowly and it's really disappointing. I don't eat for several hours before, warm up well beforehand. Any thoughts?

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  • Hi Kalypso,

    I had a few stitches early on and this has helped me:

    - make sure you're well hydrated (I eat a normal meal and drink lots of water up to about 2 hours before the run)

    - have half a glass of water 10 minutes before you set off (this REALLY helps and it's not enough to make you need to pee)

    - stretch your sides before you set off (by lifting each arm over your head in the opposite direction and bending your sides with your arms..if that makes sense!)

    - try breathing into your stomach rather than your chest (there are instructions on this on the internet - it's a bit of a long term thing rather than a quick fix)

    I honestly don't get any stitches any more! Hope this helps!

  • Laura has some words of advice of the NHS livewell couch links. I think she does a little video about it.

  • Thanks for the replies, I'll try those suggestions. Planning on trying again this evening so I'll see how I go.

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