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Finally managed W5R3!!!!!

I have been away on holiday and was on W5R2 when I left, I did have the intention to run whilst away but what with 6 flights and a wedding week I found it very hard. I did attempt W5R3 in Oz but was too hot and tired to complete it. So on my return I have found it very hard to get back into my routine. I repeated W5R2 the day before yesterday and struggled so I was very worried about todays run, but I made it through and actually felt very comfortable in the end! I love this program!!!!

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Well done on getting back into the programme. I'm not surprised you were put off by the heat in Oz - it's relentless isn't it? (That's why I no longer live there!)

You've obviously got your mojo back. Well done and ENJOY RUNNING!


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