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Two pairs of new shoes and I'm off to physio!

I started getting a few aches and twinges a month ago and thought I needed new shoes.

I DID need new shoes because when I put my old ones on a flat surface they leaned considerably toward the inner edge. (Good tip I read somewhere). No wonder I was having aches and pains!

So I tootled off to Sweatshop, did the usual gait analysis and came away with a nice new pair.

I followed the advice from the guy at Sweatshop and ran them in a bit (boom boom!). The "old" twinges disappeared after a few runs but I had a new twinge from my right ankle which I didn't have before. At first I thought it was just my feet getting used to the new shoes so I took it very slowly and reduced my distance, took extra rest days, stretched and used my foam roller every day. But still my ankle wasn't right. I felt it on every run. It was manageable but not great. On Monday, I ran 5k and had to stop because it was painful.

I thought it might be the shoes so I took them back to Sweatshop and they changed them for a nice pair of Brooks. They look fab EXCEPT on their first outing my ankle is worse! Only did 3k in them (running them in) but don't know I could have done more anyway because my ankle was quite painful. All the advice on here kept ringing in my ears and so I am off to physio tomorrow evening.

I'm praying to the gods of running that the physio will be able to fix me and I won't have to stop running.

Please, please, please.........

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Good luck with the physio, I found it very nerve wracking when I changed my shoes after a gait analysis but lucky for me all went well. I'm sure the physio will be able to help, maybe with some exercises, or orthotics to wear in your shoes. Keep us posted.


What brand and model were your old shoes. What did they say about your gait? Are you a heel striker or do you run on your midfoot or forefoot?


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