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Am I crazy?!

I started C25K last autumn and I did complete it though I never got sub 30 mins for 5K. With autumn's shorter days, colder weather, winter and the rain, did I mention the rain?? I did my best to continue running but I've lost a bit of the condtioning with my sparadic running schedule, personal life etc but I am getting back on track as it were. I have considered putting myself in races but have been a bit shy and nervous though I did register for the Park Run last year - still yet to complete it as sometimes I think I am running backwards, I am that slow! Anyway one of my goals is to run a half marathon and the one that I have in mind is over 6 months away! Well I put my name in the ballot so I may not even be picked but if I am......?!! I do plan to do some other races in between that time as training but what do you think? I believe that I can cover the distance as I've done a bit of long distance hiking in the past and at the moment I am around 10k but that is a combination of run / walk, more run I think (I hope!) My ambition would be to finish rather than a super fast time. What are your thoughts and advice?

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I say go for it! What have you got to lose?? You've set yourself a really fantastic goal of finishing the race (which would be amazing!) and personally I think that's much better than trying to beat someone or have a super fast time. It's a personal challenge that you will have chance to work towards and enjoy achieving. I think it would do you the world of good to have something so positive to work at.

I'm obviously not at your standard yet as I'm working on getting up to 5k but I'm doing a 5k run next Sunday (my first ever race) and it's been really great having a deadline to work towards my goal. I've really enjoyed the personal challenge and have completely lost my previous embarrassment of telling people I go out running.

I don't have any advice really as like I said I think you're more advanced than I am but I do admire your ambition and think you would be slightly disappointed if you just gave up on something it sounds like you realy want to do. Good luck with it!!


I would say yes definately....Last year I finished C25k in April, ran 10k by May and a Half Marathon in October...It wasn't easy I did alot of training but it was more than worth it because I absolutely love running and its a real personal achievement just to complete it...enjoy your training, keep us posted and good luck :)


It will definitely give you something to work for. I signed up to do the 5K Race for Life a few years ago which made me get up to go for a jog as I didn't want the embarrassment of not being able to do it. I'm in my 3rd year of doing it now and have entered the 10K, 5K and their 5K Pretty Muddy event this year (maybe I'm crazy too ha). They are keeping me focused!


Definitely go for it. It will help your motivation to have a specific goal to aim for. Worth dowloading a training plan from BUPA or Runners World or similar as it will help give structure to your training. Good luck.


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