5k in 30mins?????

don't think i will ever do this, i have just completed week 6 run 3 and the total distance run is just over 2km, how am i going to improve in the next three weeks to hit 5k in 30mins??? Initially i was not worried about distance or speed and just wanted to get to running 30mins non stop but now that has changed and i want to succeed in the goal Laura is setting us, Help!!!!!


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  • I graduated doing 5k in 40 minutes. Its now 38 mins 54s Now my next goal is to bring that down. It doesnt matter if you cant do it by the time you graduate, it will give you a goal once you are finished! Congratulations with how far you've come, be very proud of that.

  • thank you for replying and your congrats, it is human nature i suppose not to want to fail and your post has given me reassurance that i may well succeed in my goal in the future.

  • If you don't run 5km in 30mins on graduation it is not a fail at all- hardly anyone actually does this and it is something to work on as you get used to more regular running- I did it 3 months after graduation - happy running

  • Nowhere in this programme does it say that the object of the programme is to run 5K in 30 minutes. Most of these training programmes (including long distance marathon ones) are simply a training programme to get us to the point where we are able to run the distance. Some (especially the long distance ones) do include "long runs" which actually exceed the distance being trained for -- but these "long runs" are to be run much more slowly than the actual race itself. I believe that you should be aiming to complete the distance (first) and then you can improve your speed. But completion of the distance does not necessarily mean that you have to run it completely non-stop - those kind of "goals" only exist in your own mind, and that is your priveledge, but not a requirement of the Universe.

  • It doesn't matter how fast you are, what is important is the distance you do.

    If you never do 5K in 30 mins, it doesn't matter one jot! What is important is that you are out there doing it.

  • A competitive frame of mind is a useful asset for getting the most out of this training plan, so long as you don't see the lack of the 30min 5k at graduation as a fail. Keep pushing and testing yourself, but remember that you are only competing against yourself. Even at Parkrun people run to keep up with others, but at the end of the run it is only your time that is important, if you are wanting to improve your speed.

    Keep running,keep smiling, stop worrying.

  • The title of the program is misleading, but in one of the later podcasts Laura does say the aim is to get you running for 30 minutes. I graduated in November at around 36 minutes for 5K and still haven't hit 5K in 30 minutes... but I can now run 10K as I have focussed on building distance over speed. As I've increased my distance my 5K time has reduced and is now around 32 minutes if I go all out using the stamina podcast which is one of the couch25k+ podcasts. It took me a while to talk myself round but now I'm really pleased with my progress, I may never get below 30 minutes but I can do so much more than I did before I started the program.

  • Many of us still haven't managed this -and maybe never will! Speed seems to be linked to gender and age and there have been some interesting posts on here about expectations of speed from different age groups. For example ( I'm making up the numbers) a 60 year old woman running 5k in 39 minutes is the equivalent of a 25 year old male running 5k in 27 mins etc etc.

  • I get it. Setting aggressive goals are tempting. But I found success in endurance over speed. I just graduated this morning and while i'm not in the realm of a 5k in 30, I am able to run for a straight 30 and will continue to set new goals and eventually focus on speed.

    You've gotten to Week 6 which was a big week and a huge accomplishment. Give yourself credit. You will also see improvement over the next 3 weeks as you move through the program.

    You can do this!

  • I finished Week 8 by doing a 5k run. I've also entered a race in MK next Sunday (March 9th). That will be my Week 9 Run 3. I decided that I would be delighted to be able to finish the race in about 40-45 minutes (To be honest I would just be delighted to finish full stop).

    I was amazed to do that first 5k in 36 minutes, so much so that I jumped up and punched the air as I finished. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in years and ran on the treadmill ... boring but made a change and served a purpose. I did 5k in 32 minutes.

    The point I'm making is that it doesn't matter how quick you do it, just the fact that you can now run 5k is a massive achievement considering that before you started the plan you couldn't. Keep with it and your time will start to fall all on its own. You've done great to get to this point, just don't get too hung up on times and just enjoy you're running.

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