Couch to 5K

daydreamer does 30mins

week 9 run 1 he he he :)

30 mins, 3.72k

Well it's not 5 k :) but it is 30 mins and the furtherest I've run as a grown up

Since my new toy tells me I haven't got the hang of this steady pace lark and I was a bit alarmed at wk8r3's average 176bpm heart rate I decided to watch the heart monitor and keep that steady so 142bpm, breathing under control even managed quite a few steady in through the nose out through the mouth :) it did nothing to help the pace graph though lol I'm a little over 12.5 min miles today.

gosh but it made a difference to how you feel out there and I found the push self for the last 3 mins having found that energy for quicker that Laura has asked for before but I have barely ever given lol and I'm not a post run mess :)

1k and a smidge to find. I'll push for a little longer next run and see if I can get the distance over 4k for graduation :)

might have to go somewhere else next run... Neighbours are amused at the looping about lol :)


had to hit publish on the blog post as carpet cleaner arrived early! (I move next week) and there's me still in running gear, not showered... Oh gosh lol but after I had excused my appearance discovered that Peter the carpet cleaner is a runner :) started a couple of years ago, (mid 40's) does 10k comfortably a couple of times a week, lost weight and feels great :) told him I'm a baby runner and about C25K and what I had just run and he was very encouraging and said very respectable distance and pace and told me to enjoy it, the pace and distance sort themselves out and we chatted away about all sorts of running matters and it just didn't bother me that I looked a fright :)

I like people who run :)

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great run. especially having a bit left for a quicker finish :)

my toy should be here today ~ yippee!! just wondered. can you see everything on the watch at the same time (distance, heart rate etc) or do you have to press buttons to get the info?

& how on earth did you manage to slow the heart rate? is it just about deep breathing or did you have to slow down as well?

shelley x


You get distance, average pace and time on the main screen, but I pressed one button to get the heart rate to show instead of time. It appeared to respond to keeping steady and breathing that kept heart rate between 140 and 150 it shot up in the last 3 mins as I increased pace and started the puffing :) so it's level of effort and oxygen you get in I think

You are going to love your new toy :)


I rememnber when you started posting when you were on week one - week 9! What an acheivement!


I remember you starting as well and now you only have 2 runs before graduating. Think the neighbours should get the bunting out for your graduation run. :)


:) it's all a bit bonkers really, can't quite believe this me is me lol


Really pleased for you. Is moving house a bit of an extreme way to find another route to run?


Lol yup, extreme but necessary lol :)


The geek in me is so jealous of everyone getting garmins! No-one told me a side effect of completing C25k would be statistics/graph envy.

But well done on getting so far, by the time you move to your new house you'll be less of a 'baby-runner' & more of a fully fledged graduate.


Great stuff! My heart rate regularly goes over 170, average is usually around 165, but my recovery is very good and my resting heart rate is also good, so I try and ignore it, unless I'm running outside, when I try and slow myself down, however doing that too much I'd come to a complete stop!!

It's amazing how many people run and also I've started to notice them everywhere, in the street, in ads on tv...everywhere!!

Good luck for the rest of the runs, I'll be graduating on Friday :)


I know what you mean about seeing runners everywhere - one actually ran past the house yesterday - she looked good, not seen her before, another reason to move I not the only runner in the village! Lol


Well done! You are doing fab! 2 more to go to graduation!!!!!


Sounds like you really enjoy yourself as a runner, I've been beginning to notice the secret community out there running, where were they all 6 wks ago?

Good luck with your last 2 runs.


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