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Oh dear. I have had a very sore throat and general lack of energy and appetite all week and haven't run for seven whole days. I just couldn't face it. I was getting quite down about it as I was beginning to believe I might never feel like running again. However I Just found this link about running (or not) when you're ill coachjoeenglish.wordpress.c...

It has encouraged me to go to bed tonight

with a Night Nurse and hot lemon and honey and listen to my body. Apparently my mojo WILL come back . Has anyone else been off sick?

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I thought it was that if you have a fever and not comfortable from neck upwards or something like that. Hope you get better soon to get back out there. It must be annoying.


Just read your aarticle and said from neck downwards not upwards. A useful link. Thanks. :-)


I just had 2 weeks off, total lack of energy for a week, then a head cold. But I just let it happen and tried not to give myself a hard time about missing the running! One morning I woke up and just felt right again - so off I went! Don't worry, you will be better soon, just let your body heal itself :)


I have been off this week as well.

Gutted becuase I flew through W6R3 beautifully on Monday, and now feel like i ought to go back a step or two, on top of missing 2 runs (and eating a whole lot more!)

But I know i have been far too ill to run, so, so coldy, its all i can do to drag myself to work (and plenty of people have been saying i shouldnt be in)

I'm hoping to get back out tomorrow and maybe do W6R2. I think the re-arrival of the sun today has helped - and that blog makes me feel like i made the right decision - thanks :)

Hope you feel better soon!


I've just come down with a cold but I have an operation tomorrow morning, just a minor one but strict instructions not to run for a week, I am dreading it ( haven't taken a whole week of running since week one) I have been warned, listen to your body or it will take longer. Trying to fit in sneaky runs before your ready apparently is a no go area for good recovery. Feel well soon.


So sorry to hear that you've been unwell. Night Nurse and hot lemon and honey sounds like a good idea! Yes, in answer to your question I'm not allowed to run now for a few months which is a real drag as I had just managed to crack 5k in 30 mins. Ah well....could be worse!


I think I'm coming down with a cold too. My husband gave it to me! Tut. One or two folks I know are full of cold too. It must be doing the rounds. With a cold we know we will feel rubbish for a few days, but we'll soon be back up on our feet. I am going out running in a bit while I don't feel too unwell. I want to get one in quick!

I hope everyone suffering with colds will soon be all better.


GET WELL SOON! Sure your mojo will be back sooner than you think. I haven't had any illness yet since i've been on the plan, but i don't reckon it would be much fun if you're feeling rubbish....


I had just over a week off but still have a cough. I'm back running but slowly. Look after yourself and hope to see you up and running soon. (sorry about the metaphor)



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