Couch to 5K

WHAT??? HOW?? I mean.....EH?

WHAT??? HOW?? I mean.....EH?

There are benefits to being a freelancer, if you can ignore the worry about no income and that everybody in the industry you work in has completely forgotten you exist, and it is this ;

You get to lie in bed until 10.30am, have a light fruit salad made by Mrs Dan and go out for a run!

I don't normally lie this late, it's just that I was completely knackered yesterday owing to a bad nights sleep (confounded indigestion) the night before, so I really needed my 11 hours last night!!

So....... I went out today, clad in my Super Dan costume and managed to do my second 8K distance. Weather was clement so I expected a nice outing. My favourite part is the section along the Thames between Twickenham and Richmond. It's so peaceful and the sound of the water is conducive to feeling alive and wonderful. Only a few stupid people managed to get in my way despite knowing I was about to pass them so all in all I was having a rather nice run.

So here's the weirdness of this particular run.......I didn't exactly find it easy, but I was in a definite rhythm after about two kilometres. I had Endomondo in my pocket measuring my progress and I was reckoning on about 6'10 per K (roughly) by the pace and feel of how I was going. Once I got to 7K - (having memorised where that would be from last time out) I mentally gritted my brain cell and pushed on towards the final 8th K. I was running up our little High Street again, where just 45 minutes ago I was heading in the opposite direction on my warm up walk. A mother and son played on the pavement ahead of me, "Hope they get out of my bl***y way" I thought. I got closer as they larked about and they could clearly see my fluorescent yellow top powering towards them. "Oh crap! They haven't seen me" I thought, so I took a look behind me to make sure a juggernaut wasn't coming, then I skipped into the road and bounced around them. The mother looked at me in surprise and shouted something at me in a language I didn't understand. I'm sure she was most likely saying "I say Sir! Your posterior in those skin tight lycra leggings looks as succulent as a ripe peach!". And at this point my energy levels suddenly rose. They rose and rose and my legs went faster and faster. I was running! No, not jogging - RUNNING! Like you wouldn't believe. Where was this energy coming from? My speed was akin to that of a gazelle (oh alright, maybe not as fast...) but I was moving it some.

I guessed where the 8th K ended and I fished the phone out of my pocket. 8.1K run - so I'd done it.

How on earth was my last kilometres the fastest? I have no idea. I've attached Endomondo's stats for you all to see. To say I'm pleased would be an under garment.....sorry....understatement.

So now it's off to the cinema! Happy running folks and keep those legs moving, even when they're tired because they may just surprise you.....

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Wow. Well done you! I'm sure that's what the lady was saying. I know why not seek her out and get a recording of her voice saying it, to play when you need that extra boost in your pins!

I be just done w6r3, sadly no one commented on my peachy ness or otherwise but I was combobulated to find I could up the pace for that last 60 seconds!

So maybe the subconscious runner mind saves up something for nearer the final push... That's my theory.

Your route looks fab. And great stats. Go you!


Why thank you Jacqs99. You are most kind. And may I say in a most English voice..."GO YOUUUUU!" for completing Week 6. You do realise it's non stop running from now on right? YOU CAN DO IT! And well done for doing this. I think our bodies should buy us ALL a drink for saying "Thanks for thinking of me!"


Wey hey excellent achievement Dan! Now every time you post I won't be able to get rid of the image of you as 'Super Dan' with The Stranglers - Peaches as your theme tune. :-)


I love that song!! "walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches....duh duh...duh"....


Fantastic stats you really have found your feet since your come back. I am sure the lady was telling her son something complimentary. I find my last km is always the fastest i always put it down to the fact my brain knows that's it at the end so it relaxes but I am nowhere near your sort of distances yet. Watch you go.


So you're a fast finisher eh RFC? I only hope I can stay continue to do what I did today....


I told you before, Peachy Buttocks, 6k+1k=7k etc, and not only are you getting there but getting faster too! Congratulations. I often find that the sixth kilometre is most likely to be the most "in the zone", (depending on route, of course) and I have had similar experiences to you (not women admiring my buttocks in foreign lingo) regarding later sections of the run being faster than the earlier ones. It must be down to warm muscles, lubricated joints and having settled into a good rhythm. It is what "negative splits" is meant to exploit.

Keep it up Dan, you are going great.


You are most kind Signor De Truffe. And the "buttocks" comment was only a "hopeful translation" so to speak! I'm all for lubrication though. It's one of my fave things about running......sweat, blood and tears!! But I am determined to eventually post that I have indeed, run a 10K distance.

Tally ho for now!


And you will, Dan. Good luck.


right...10k in the next few weeks Mr DTG...Get that lycra sprayed on and load up with the s*** you do in your blender!!! GET IN THERE!!!

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