Couch to 5K

W5 R1

Well I'm back after my cold. It's been just over a week as my cold went straight to my chest and I had breathing issues.

I have found a new route. Up in the hills of Margam Park. I start in Hafod Grange paperweights (farm) and work go around the back... Really tough hill!! then the nice bit... No sound no cars and today no people! Just beautiful views! Weather was awful. Raining and windy and cold!!!. The road (maintenance road) is stony muddy and has mini streams running through. I failed to finish my first run. The hill kept getting steeper and I got cramp! I did around 3.5 of the required 5 mins. I did the other runs and I was surprisingly not disappointed with my efforts. I love this route so think I'm gonna stick with it and may take a few pictures next time to share with you all.

I plan to do each run of W5 twice as I have had the break and due to the new route which is tougher than normal.

I really enjoyed myself today!

S x

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Sounds like you had a great run, even though the weather wasn't kind. Good luck with the rest of W5, I shall look forward to seeing a pic or two. x


It sounds as if you had a really lovely run. And you had hills! After a cold! Really well done.

Look forward to seeing the pictures.


Thanks both I had a lovely run. Firs one I have enjoyed so far. x


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