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Is there something wrong with me? W6 R3

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Hi all, I was a bit nervous about this one, W6R3, I was worried about the weather as I didn't want driving rain to stop me, and I had to get my car to the garage today. I knew that by the time I came back from the garage that the weather was meant to get really wild so, what to do? Well I just got up at 6.30 to run! Never would I have thought that I would be doing that, this person that has always shied away from exercise and I couldn't wait to get out there! I'm sure there must be something wrong with me! Not only that but I actually managed to jog through the 25 minutes, and had a friendly couple of 'Hiyas' on the way from fellow joggers. It was amazing, not fast but steady and quicker to recover. Bring on W7 this is a fantastic programme. x

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That made me cheer. Yes!!! Well done you. It just goes to show that getting going with this programme is so motivating that you find you're possessed by it and can't wait to get back out there.

Week 7, if I recall, is easier than week 6. You have done most of the programme now so are batting downhill as it were. Good luck with Week 7

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thanks misswobble- graduating seems so possible now! And yes I think I am possessed! Hahaha x

Well done to you! Beat my 7.10 start yesterday! Its amazing what this programme convinces you to do and actually do happily and with a spring in your step to meet the challenges! Good luck for the coming week..........

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Thanks aliboo, it is amazing, I cant quite believe it!

I'm impressed!

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Thanks Nilzed- good luck with your runs


Hooray! Another addictict! You should be so proud of yourself.

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Thanks Ullyrunner- I think I am addicted- its all I think about at the moment! I hope it continues. x


I love running in the very early morning - I'm sure more people would if they were just brave enough to try it!


That sounds great and like - not only are you going really well but you're enjoying it. I'm starting week 6 today & your post will spur me on yay!!

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Yes I am loving it, and good luck to you with W6. x


Great to hear you had no probs with this run, hope I'm like this tomorrow. Well done on getting up so early to do it! That's really impressive :)


Just hope I feel the same when I get to run 3, I'm doing run 2 tonight


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