new here!

started using the podcasts last week, i've completed week2 run2 yesterday, with tomorrow being my week2 day 3 run.

i know i shouldn't but i am already starting to panic about next week, as a self confessed effort/fitness phobe, i just don't know if i can do the 3 minute runs! although i was saying the same thing about week 2 at this point last week! do i just plod on and give it a go or repeat week 2 until i feel ready (which maybe never lol)


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  • Hi,

    its good that you have joined up on this forum, its a great motivator to keep you going! I've just completed week 5 and am shocked at how quickly you can build up stamina and determination, keep on going and you will find its really addictive even though at times you don't feel like going out, once you have done it you'll feel like its a real achievement. I've never run before and although i wasn't 100% unfit I 'm really feeling the difference. I only joined the forum a week ago and its made a real difference to me in how i approach the plan. Good luck ......

  • Hi, well done so far! I've just finished week 6 with a solid 25 min run which I was terrified about. Every week I look ahead and think I'll never manage it but this program has been tried and tested. You can do it! I found this forum really helped with inspiration early on and everyone's really supportive because they all have the same fears. Keep posting, it's lovely to hear about other peoples' progress. Best wishes! x

  • Hi Clashby, I've just completed week 3 and at the end of week 2 I was dreading going out and doing the 3 minute runs. I think its just the idea of doing 'a 3 minute run' over anything else. It was hard but manageable and you wont regret attempting it and will most definitely complete it if its mind over matter. Just stick at it and listen to the podcast. I really didnt like week 3 run 1, but by the time i finished the end of week 3 today, I felt comfortable with it.. Good luck and let us know how you get on. :) .. I try and tell myself if i can do this 3 minute run i can do anything :) also slow and steady will help :) Good luck

  • I feel exactly the same at the beginning of every week (about to start week 5). So you are not alone. Take it slow & steady, give it a go and you'll feel amazing when you've done it. Let us know how you get on. You can do it! :)

  • Repeat, dont repeat, back up and repeat if you change your mind. do as you feel best once you are out there. So long as you are out there, its all good. Theres no grades, and no competition.

  • If you feel happier repeating week two then that is fine. Just do what you feel comfortable with. I tend to repeat weeks due to my age and level of unfitness and this works well for me. As has already been stated, it's not a competition so just enjoy it at your own pace. I was supposed to be doing W2R3 today but, when I got out of the door and swiched the podcast on, the MP3 player cut out. I charged it yesterday but discovered I'd made a mistake so it wasn't charged at all. It's on charge (properly) now and I shall do the run tomorrow. Good luck with the rest of the programme and best wishes.

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