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1st postgraduate run this time

So this morning I set out with my own playlist and RunKeeper. I haven't figured out a way to tell RunKeeper that the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes are meant to be walking and the middle 30 mins are the run, so it insists on giving me split times for each kilometer and the first and last are quite slow. Still, it was nice not having Laura telling me that I might be getting tired. The main thing I miss about not having Laura, though, is the 1 minute warning at the end of the run. I guessed it by looking at my watch when I'd had the 30 minute marker (which was 25 minutes into the run, of course) and then looking for when I'd run another 4 minutes. I always like to run faster for the last minute and really squeeze out every last drop of energy. I think I must have succeeded this time as I felt physically sick when I slowed down to a walk again. I think I may need to re-jig my playlist too...

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Not sure how RunKeeper works but when I used Maymyrun I started to record after the 5 minute warm up. Can you do that with RunKeeper? Well done on the run!


If you click on the bit under 'workout' (next to type at the very top of the screen you use to start your run) it takes you to a screen where there are some pre-loaded workouts and at the bottom a 'add new workout' button. You can then add a name for the workout, second section is where you can add blocks of different times and below that are warm up and cool down options you can turn on. Save your workout, click 'select this workout' and it'll fill the name into the box into the start screen. Once you've finished your workout you'll get all your splits for each part of the workout intervals :) only thing that is a bug bear for me is the 'pace' it quotes at the end is a total which takes into account the walking and it annoys me because it lowers everything :( Hope this helps!


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