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Hello all, new and eager to loose weight

I am 26 with a BMI of 35, I am 19 stone when I should be 13st. I have gone through a very distressing difficult time over the past 4 years which started when I lost my job. I developed a computer addiction and spent 90% of my time on the computer. Apart from that I ate and slept. I have now broke through my computer addiction. My life has improved and as such I was able to leave my comfort zone and get back to real life and most importantly my kids and wife. I now want to be healthier so I can be more active with my children and also get fit before I hit the declining years. I would love to be a perfect 13 stone. I am worried I do not have the mental will to get through and not slip. I have tried fad diets and I get a reflux action when I eat vegetables. I came here to get advice and support. How should I start?

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The key is to find something that is sustainable for you. That might be going full guns at regime change, it might be taking it one step at a time - depends on you.

It's okay to slip - the trap is that one slip merges into the next and it becomes the norm - old habits die hard, and all the rest. So just keep tabs on yourself - keep a daily diary?

See your GP - get some stats taken, get the NHS slant on it. Read up yourself, marry the two together.

You'll certainly not be short of support on here - the very best of luck, buddy!


Break the weight loss down into manageable chunks. The C25k running podcasts do just that with running. A bit more each week, easy does it but it's surprising what can be achieved in 9 weeks. Healthy eating is part and parcel of any fitness regime and you might be surprised at how your tastebuds can change once you adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you take a new interest in healthy foods and start cooking for yourself, experimenting with new foods and flavours, you might just start liking fruit and veg. You'll need good fuel for your runs so the new you could start today. Get those trainers on.


I think its great that you are tackling not only your weight but also your fitness levels, you will find that it will improve your self esteem and give you a new purpose. I was off work in 2011 with stress related issues and once i came through the other end i decided to slim down in 2012(i used Slimming World which is a really easy programme to follow) and managed to lose 2 stone in 5months.I do feel better about myself in general now, though not every day! Life is full of ups and downs- i decided to take the couch to 5k challenge to give myself a new purpose, tone up and ultimately join the local parkrun and beyond(hopefully!!!) After getting 2013 out of the way, losing my beloved dog in July took a long while to get my head around so i figured 2014 has got to be better?! I'm sure you can make 2014 your year to make positive changes and your family will benefit hugely along the way. GOOD LUCK and keep following the forum its a great motivator.


Hi Blueplain and welcome. You have already started, you have made yourself known to hundreds of runners on here, all who set out to become fitter and healthier not so very long ago just like yourself.

Download the NHS C25K podcast if you haven't already done so. Have a quick listen to week one if it will help you to understand what will be taking place. Put on some comfy running gear and shoes and get out of the front door.

You know for me the hardest part was getting out of the front door, for some silly reason I was really nervous about it. Once I started listening to Laura and the music my legs did what they were told. Hopefully yours will too, don't worry if you get really out of breath to start with, most of us do. Also don't worry if you need to repeat the odd run now and again, its your running program so you do it at your pace. Good luck and keep in touch on here, ask your questions as there is loads of information to be shared by like minded people.


I agree with all that has been said. You have made the first step, you can only go forwards from here. It is a very supportive forum here and everybody will understand and be here to help. Good luck.


Good on you: it is easier to lose it now, the first time, while you are syill under 30 than it will ever be. Plus: excellent example setting for your kids.

To watch your calories, i highly recommend an diet and activity tracking app like My Fitness Pal (MFP). They have an online component, so if you dont have a smartphone, you can just use your computer (but get a notebook to track your day, dont rely on your memory at data entry time!). Programs like this help as they can help you see your entire calorie in/out pattern, which helps you see the weight loss window. As you exercise, the available calories beyond the minimum opens up, if you want, you can eat into that window so long as you dont eat so much you close it. So, if your body demands more energy after an intense workout, you can feed your it what it needs. Or if a wild birthday cake attacks, or other high calorie social eating cue rears its head, you can see how much you can fit in, or how much further you should run before the party.

Dont immediately drop your calories into full on diet mode: first just get into the habit of logging, and see what your eating habits and daily calories are like. Then reduce to the calorie level to what your ideal 13 st 25 yr old male of whatever height is advised, which is probably a drop from your current habits and you may lose weight. Once you have a handle on that, and have cleaned up your habits to easily meet that daily goal, tighten it down to weightloss level. (At least, this has worked well for me, so far.).


Hi Blueplain and welcome on board! Download week 1 and give it a go.'Oldgirl' is right - getting out the front door for that first run was the hardest thing for me but I think you'll find this programme helps with both physical and mental health. Remember it's not a race or a competition, go at your own pace. There's load of support and sensible advice here so keep in touch and let us know how you get on - good luck, you CAN do it!


Welcome to the programme. It will certainly help you get fitter, just take your time and don't overdo it. Laura will guide you through it all. If you prefer, there is no reason why you can't do each week twice before going on to the next - that works well for me and I find it easier that way. It also spreads the progress over a longer time, thus building up gradually. With regard to healthy eating, fad diets simply do not work and are not sustainable long term. A good balanced diet is the only way forward in my experience. If you get a reflux action from eating vegetables it might be worth seeing your doctor to get some help and maybe a referral to a dietician or nutritionist. Good luck on deciding to start the programme, plenty of support and encouragement here. Best wishes.


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