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W4R1 .... Completed at third attempt!

To those of you who read of my disappointment on Saturday ... I have now dismissed the demons of this bit of the course....yeeehaaa :-) Tried for a second time on Monday - had to pause in the last 5 min run. So, out again this evening: left it til almost dusk (hoped another day at home might warm/relax my knees). Well, I'll never know if procrastination during the day, the warmth of my knees, or simply a third attempt was the reason for today's success. But, I am now once again moving onwards.

Thanks for all the encouragement and 'positive vibes' from blogger/joggers out there. Lots of luck and level paths, one and all X Linda

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Great news, Linda. It's very powerful to know you can get past tough bits. :) Keep on trotting along!


Really good Linda, It must feel so good to have achieved it :)

Have a happy next run :D


Fantastic!! Very well done Linda.

Onwards and upwards!

Good luck for the next run

Ali :-)


Well done. Are you listening to music. I have found setting my playlist to my favorite specifically rousing songs when the runs are timed has really helped. I did W4R1 feels so good to finish it doesn't it?


Hiya, yes, I am still listening to the podcasts as downloaded. I'm using an MP3 player so can't have Laura and my own choice of music at the same time :( I have been thinking that I might try an occasional outing with tracks of my choice, as I can see on my PC how long each track is. I believe the iPhones and android phones have apps available for customising - to do your own thing ;) Alas, I don't have one of those either. Years ago when participating in a relay jog around a huge lake in New Zealand, I listened to a recording of Last Night of The Proms ..... And I always knew how far I'd gone depending on whether I was hearing sea shanties, Pomp and Circumstance or Jerusalem! It feels amazing to conquer each level of this challenge, all the very best with yours ... We may well be running to our own tunes as we graduate together soon. Good luck. :) Linda


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