Couch to 5K

Yay goodbye week 4

That's been a hard week. First 5 mins on each run not too bad but the last is really tiring and hard to complete. It's the lead legs that are the problem. I keep on visualising little feathers attached to them taking the strain. Ha ha not working as I had hoped. On a plus side when my legs are moving and the muscles are doing something, legs look quite tonned. Yep dreaming again. Feathers and tonned legs....... One day.

Week 5. Starts on Tuesday. Looking forward to the challenge.

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The lead legs will improve.... and they will definitely become more toned. Just persevere and things will just begin to shift. Honestly!


Well done, I've just started week 4....good to hear lead legs is a common feature!!!

Let us know how week 5 goes :-)


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