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Speed - arg!

So after all my bellyaching and a good dose of sensible advice from the forum (as usual) I downloaded 'speed' and headed out during my lunch break.

I had had a yoghurt and a handful of dried friut for breakfast and was well hydrated. And a little nervous in the same way as i was when i first set off for w1r1 of c25k. I still think that that first run was my hardest ever and this was the same too - i was gasping and swearing and i had a stich and really wanted to just stop. Thank goodness its only 16mins! But i pushed through, inelegantly, i have to admit and its nice to have a new challenge.

I am assuming I will only get better at this so nice to know the worst is behind me!

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I found Speed hard going too. Stamina is my favourite. But hey - you got out there and did it! Well done! If all you had eaten by lunchtime was a yoghurt and dried fruit maybe you were in need of some sustenance? Hope you enjoy it more next time!


What is speed?


there are additional podcasts to follow up C25k - 'speed', 'stamina' and 'stepping stones' to make to increase speed and run for longer periods/distances.

I have been increasing my distance without too much trouble but my 5km are stubbormly fixed at 33ish mins. So I thought I would give 'speed' a shot - i did. its hard.


I have done the speed podcast several times now and quite like it as you get a good workout in a shorter space of time ( needed to cook OH's supper!!)

But tonight I did it on the treadmill so no slacking.....and it was so hard - perhaps because I hadn't had enough to drink today, a real rubbish upsetting day at work and eating too many chocolate fingers that were given to me at work to cheer me up!

Running beats chocolate for making you feel better!!!

I am getting quicker though --earlier in the week I went running in the park in the dark (!)with a friend and found a noticeable improvement on a old route . I ran all the way up the hill!

I did most of C25K on a treadmill but must confess I have the 'outside bug'

It's too hot in the gym,, rain cools you down.


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