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w4r1 you're a tricky one!

Today was a real test because it was chucking it down with rain and I didn't really fancy it. But as always, you just get on with it don't you. So I did it, the 3 minute hurt so I didn't hold out much hope for a 5 minute but I did it! I did it and ran for 5 solid minutes argh so proud. Also so achey haha. But anyway. Done, done done 5 minutes running in one chunk is dooooone :) I always run around the park and 5 minutes took me one complete circuit of it, woohoo I ran around the whole park! Admittedly it's not a huge park but the fact remains I ran around it without stopping. Had to slow way down to finish the second one but it's all about the stamina for now, once I can do half an hour without stopping I might think about going faster, for now it's just getting it done!

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Well done! You did great!!!! It's such an achievement isn't it. Knowing you've finished and Laura telling you that you did a good job. The rain can actually help keep you cool but do wear a hat! So, to run 2. Bring it on ey. Happy running


I succeeded with the same run yesterday, to my delighted surprise. It's a great feeling, isn't it!


Brilliant, well done. I bet you felt great doing a full circuit, good luck for coming runs.


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