Couch to 5K

Signed up for my first 10k run

I havent written an update for ages as my life has been quite hectic. My son is doing really and getting a little more mobile. So cant wait for him to be back to normal,

Well my running is coming on leaps and bounds at the moment. I have signed up for my first 10k run in April. Am quite excited about it but a little scared too. I have just got back from a great run this morning. Ran 7.24k in 48.48 mins. I could have gone on further but dont want to push it to much. I wouldnt have thought 5 months ago I would be so excited about running. I am really enjoying it. Have had to stop listening to laura now though but still listening to music. Good luck to everyone still doing the c25k x

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Well done. I can only dream of a 10k. Couch to 5k has really changed people's lives.


Well it certainly changed my life. Friends said years ago start running and I kept saying not in a million years but here I am running 3 times a week. Hope you are doing well and you will get to do your 10k oneday soon im sure


10k in April? Wow, good going Snats! You are doing well! Good luck. :-)


Yes I know scary thought really. But I'll be fine. Thanks :-)


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