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Week 5 run 3 - Unable to use ATM after run

Pleased to report that I've just completed w5r3 (20 minutes running with no walking !!), and ........ dear I say this "enjoyed it". Laura it truely amazing she's absolutely right at this point it is mind over matter, your body can do it physically, it's all about training the mind.

5.2k in 37 minutes - well pleased. rewarding myself with an extra day off before parkrun on Saturday.

Tried to get money from ATM at the end of the run, I think my mind was still on running, had to put in PIN number 3 times before I got it right.

C25k really works everyone, keep at it and good luck.

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Well done Mark, at least you didn't loose your card. Else fancy going into the bank all red faced and explaining? How many mattresses this week?


LOL about the bank, No mattresses this week. New mantra in life is "never trust anyone driving a car in a hat !!!" Nearly run over by a OAP trying to reverse (it was a Rover), and boy racer driving in the dark with no lights on.


Congratulations well done


Well done, I'm so impressed! About a week behind you, did w4r2 yesterday and honestly cannot perceive how I will possibly run for 20 mins nonstop when 5 is so hard........!


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